Executive Profile

Wolf D. Blecken
Senior Projects Engineer
Senior Consulting Engineer for Hydro-Electric Generator Design and Commissioning
Degree and Education:
Dipl.-Ing. in Power Engineering

Over forty years in design and development at Siemens, Germany, for hydro generators, including factory testing, field commissioning, field testing and plant evaluation for upgrading and uprating. This experience includes both, hydro generators of conventional design, as well as direct-water-cooled windings with associated pure water cooling systems.

  • Prepared designs for large hydro generators, including implementation of resulting contracts.
  • Commissioned new hydro plants throughout the world, involving generators as well as generator/motors.
  • Conducted guarantee and acceptance tests, including water-cooled systems.
  • Conducted, planned and prepared written reports on plant upgrade/uprate potential from hydro generator coupling to high-voltage transmission line.
  • Five years in design and development of power transformers.
  • Supervised electrical, mechanical design and manufacture of large power transformers, as well as rectifier transformers.
  • Seven years in charge of license and joint venture activities for rotating machines in China, Indonesia and USA.
  • Involved in planning and implementation of a diesel-generator manufacturing plant and also a facility for the manufacture of hydro generator stator windings (VPI technique).
Professional Experience:


  • Design and commissioning of large hydro generators. For more information please refer to "References".
  • Design of large power transformers.
  • Project engineer for implementation of various rotating machinery plants.

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